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Traytek brochure in English, Chinese, Korean
23-Sep-20 by admin

Traytek Brochure


Base on our sales team meeting with our customer on August 2020, it is understood that some of the end-user of our cable tray product (which are the owner of the project) does not understand Product Brochure which is written in Bahasa Indonesia and requested for an English translation.

We listen to our customer request carefully and swiftly processed a combined English - Chinese - Korean Product Brochure, in the hope that all of our end-user can read it in these 3 major languages most commonly asked.

You can download the English - Chinese - Korean Product Brochure, here.


Get the Best Products Only From TRAYTEK


As a manufacturer and provider of cable protection management products such as cable trays, cable ducts, cable ladders and accessories, we always provide the best products made of premium materials and manufactured according to high standards that have been set. Please contact us immediately to get information about products and also cable ladder prices, cable duct prices, the latest cable tray prices and other supporting accessories. Or you can also visit us directly at our cable tray stores in Jakarta and Surabaya. And get a free consultation about which product is suitable and according to your needs.


Other Information:


根据我们在2020年8月与客户举行的销售团队会谈,据了解,我们电缆桥架产品的某些最终用户(该项目的所有者)不理解印度尼西亚语书面要求的产品手册。 进行英语翻译。